Garden Waste Subscription Transfer Form

Garden Waste Subscription Transfer Form

If you have moved house you can transfer your subscription to your new warrington address.

If you have paid for more than one garden waste collection it is not possible to transfer only part of your subscription. You will have to transfer your full subscription.

If you have any additional/replacement bins or bin identification stickers awaiting delivery to your current address these will be cancelled when you transfer. Please Note: This only means that the bins that are being cancelled, not your subscription(s) for a bin(s) to be collected. If you are subscribed for 2 green bins to be collected you will still be subscribed for 2 green bins to be collected at the new address. Therefore if you still require the bins on order wait for them to be delivered before transferring your subscription. You will only be entitled to a refund for any cancelled bin deliveries if you complete this transfer form by 12:00 pm the day before the scheduled date of the bin delivery.

If your new address doesn’t have the required number of green bins you are subscribed to have collected, then please use the replacement/new bin order form to request the required bins. Please transfer your subscription(s) before ordering green bins for the new property so your subscriptions are registered to the new property.

Please complete the following information.

If you provided an email address when you subscribed, you will find your payment receipt number and PIN on the confirmation email that we sent you.