Bin Order

Bin Order

Terms and Conditions

We charge £25 for each replacement or new bin.

If your order exceeds our household entitlement we will not complete your delivery and NO refund will be made.

Every household in Warrington is entitled to:

If you have a large family or produce a lot of extra waste, you can apply for a second black bin (red top) by completing the application form. If you already have a second black bin you can use this form to order a replacement.

Do not use this form to:

  • Order bins for new builds, this is the building developer’s responsibility. If you are a developer please complete the following online form.
  • Replace a bin you suspect has been damaged by our crews. If we’ve damage your bin we’ll notify you immediately and a new bin will be ordered and delivered. No action is required from you.

Before you complete this form please note the following:

  • Once your replacement/new bin(s) are delivered it’s your responsibility to look after them, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage after delivery
  • The charge for a replacement/new bin(s) covers delivery and admin costs
  • All bins delivered to you remain council property
  • You must have a valid bank card and email address to complete this order
  • Please be advised that re-conditioned bins(s) may be used to fulfil your order
  • If you are in the process of moving home, please wait until you have moved before ordering any new bins.


Please use the cancellation form or notify the contact centre either by phone or in person two working days before your scheduled delivery. No refund will be given if you attempt to cancel a delivery after this time. If your order contains a green bin subscription, you have up to 14 days to cancel. We do not accept order cancellations/amendments by email.

Please note – If you’ve subscribed to the green waste collection service please have your bin out for 6.30am on your scheduled day of collection. When you receive your identification sticker please attach it under the handles at the back of the bin immediately.

To continue, please accept the terms and conditions by clicking the box below.